About Ashford


Ashford is an evolving town. Ever since the high speed rail link that leads from the capital to the Channel Tunnel was constructed, the town has welcomed new distribution, storage and production companies, bustling business parks with stylish office complexes and an award-winning shopping centre, not to mention the large Batchelor's Soup factory.

The new railway line, combined with Ashford's other already extensive transport links to the surrounding region, means that the town is one the fastest growing in the country, with several major construction projects underway to provide extra housing and infrastructure for a rapidly expanding local population.

The town offers a number of attractions for the visitor to enjoy, one of the most striking of these is a stunningly preserved World War I tank proudly displayed in the centre of Ashford. Other points of local historical interest can be seen at The Ashford Borough Museum.

On the outskirts of the town lies the beautiful Godington House - a Jacobean country mansion packed full of period art and furniture with an intriguing history, surrounded by twelve acres of both wild and formal gardens which offer a tranquil setting for visitors to explore.

Another glorious sight in Ashford is the nineteenth century Willesborough Windmill, a perfectly preserved example of its type which has recently received Lottery money and as a result has been restored to full working order and is often used for weddings and other private functions.